“My congratulations to Asian Architects on its 30th anniversary. I have known you now for at least a quarter of a century, and have even worked closely with you on some projects that we initiated in our University of Asia and the Pacific. I reflect with pleasure on my past experience of your firm—its impeccable professionalism and at the same time deep understanding of the needs of building owners and users, including their off-tangent and impractical ideas, which you have developed a special ability to gently talk them out of. I have known your profound sensitivity to quality—in materials, in function, and in aesthetics—and have even enjoyed high-level discussions with some of your officers that I found useful in my more academic tasks in the University. Most of all, I have been edified at seeing among you a consciousness that human activity has multiple dimensions and hence a wide range of responsibility to address. It is with Asian Architects that I have heard talk of green architecture in concrete and practical terms—not as a theoretical or utopian dream, but as an aspiration that can take concrete form in our country. It is partly your influence and inspiration that has made it possible for UA&P to be, with your help, among the first educational institutions in the country to use solar energy. I sincerely pray that you continue to exercise a beneficial impact on Philippine architecture for many decades to come.”

-Jose Maria Mariano, PhD
President (2000-2015),
University of Asia and the Pacific

“Asian Architects (AA) is a boutique architectural firm that has consistently produced excellent work in the various projects I had been involved in since 1994 until 2013. Whether preparing conceptual and design studies for a hospital project or designing and executing office projects for the Institute for Solidarity in Asia (at Philam Tower), Institute of Corporate Directors (at RCBC Plaza) and the Center for Excellence in Governance (at the Trident Towers), AA, headed by Mike Guerrero and Jae Narciso, showed professionalism, creativity, customer orientation and cost effectiveness. Our projects were completed on specs, on time and on budget. They are easy to work with, flexible and, as clients, we felt that they afforded our concerns with priority and attention. We are very satisfied with Asian Architects and we look forward to having more projects with them in the future.”

– Rex C. Drilon, II
President, Institute of Corporate Directors

“I think there is something magical about creating a dynamic new space from a tired, old, existing structure. Jae Narciso has worked this special magic not once, but twice, creating the places where we live and work as artists, with a newness and dynamism that have always been uniquely his.”

– Cesare A.X. Syjuco
(Brighthouse & Artlab)

“From the first conversation with Asian Architects, I felt confident in their professionalism and desire to deliver the best. I have a deep respect and appreciation for the commitment and care placed in both designing and executing the interior details of Our Lady of Guadalupe Chapel. Their patient and gentle attention to detail – from the nuances in the stones used for the altar and retablo, to the character of the portrait of Our Lady – elevate the experience of the chapel and orient us all towards the divine.”
– Andrea La O’
(Our Lady of Guadalupe Chapel, Nuvali)