Asian Architects

Architecture is, by nature, enduring; often times permanent.  Our work is a confluence of our Asian respect and care for tradition with a determined commitment to today’s technology. We aspire to transcend the confines of stylistic whims and strive to harness appropriate technology to arrive at climate-sensitive, innovative and sustainable design solutions.

Tagaytay Conf CenterWe define value by the performance of a building over its lifetime.  We believe lower operational cost is superior to an initial low construction price. Every project we work on is a synthesis of the vision and addressed needs of our client attained through the teamwork of the different design disciplines toward a responsible and positive contribution to the natural and built environment.

ArtlabWe believe that we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors but responsibly borrow it from our children.

Asian Architects is led by managing partner Miguel Guerrero, together with JA Narciso.

CEG Trident Tower

Photos from top: Tagaytay Conference Center, Artlab, the UA&P Parking & Sports Building with it’s solar paneled roof and the Center for Excellence in Governance.